Welcome to the Life of Surrender.

We are Peter and Krystal and we have been married since 2008.  We have three children (ages 5, 3, and 1). Some things we enjoy are Twins baseball, DIYing and renovating in our home, camping, teaching (we are both 7-12 grade teachers), and trying to find outings that are fun for all five of us.


The Life of Surrender Blog

The Life of Surrender had its beginnings in January of 2016 when Krystal jumped on the bandwagon and picked one word for 2016.  The word that God put on her heart was surrender and boy has it been a wild ride!  We are finding that the more we surrender, the more God asks us to surrender. He wants our whole lives.  The life of surrender blog will consist of writings about giving our lives to Christ.  You can find the original blog post here.


The Grow Old With Me Podcast

We enjoy talking about how God works in our lives and we thought we would record some of our conversations. We enjoy hearing how other people are doing in their faith walk and we thought that maybe others would enjoy hearing how we are growing.  We feel strongly that vulnerability in the human condition brings people closer together and helps us not to feel alone.  Our mission is to provide an encouraging community that propels others to surrender their lives to Christ.

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